Can You Buy Empty Juul Pods?

If you are a fan of the Juul vape, you have probably been exploring alternative options since the federal government enacted a ban on flavored vape pods. This ban has limited the selection of Juul pods available on store shelves to only tobacco and menthol flavors. Now Juul users who enjoyed being able to enjoy flavored vapor on demand are being forced to explore other vaporizers instead of using the Juul devices they have come to love over the years. If you are one of these people and you have wondered “Can You Buy Empty Juul Pods?” we have good news for you.

Blankz Pods is a brand dedicated to creating a refillable alternative to traditional Juul pods. Their pods are easy to use and refill and they are designed to offer a secure fit and a leak free seal. Because these pods arrive empty, they are not affected by the flavored pod ban. You can fill them with whatever flavor e-liquid you would like. That means it is easy to recreate your favorite flavors or to explore flavor profiles that were never offered by Juul.

Using these pods is easy, whether you are using them with the original Juul battery or another Juul compatible system. You can even find a few battery options on the Blankz website that will offer extended battery life and multiple voltage levels. Both the Blankz battery and

The first step to filling your own pods is to remove the mouthpiece and expose the internal fill holes. A small plastic fill hole cover will have to be removed in order to fill these pods. Each side of the pod has a fill hole and each pod can hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, 40% more than a Juul pod holds. Once your pod is full, all you have to do is replace the cover and snap the mouthpiece back into place. Once you’re done, you can enjoy whatever flavor vapor you want from your pod.

Speaking of flavors, Blankz also offers their customers the option to order dozens of e-liquid flavors. Their e-liquids arrive as a two part system with a bottle of liquid flavoring and a bottle of unflavored nicotine salt e-liquid. These two bottles can be combined in whatever ratio you want to achieve your ideal flavor profile.

Each Blankz Pod can be filled up to three times. After three fills, the internal coil will begin to accumulate buildup and burn, causing popping and a burnt flavor. At this point, you just dispose of your pod like you would a Juul pod after it was empty. The coils in these pods are two small to replace, but they have been designed for maximum lifespan. This helps to cut down waste and it can also save you money.

A single Blankz pod is already less expensive than a Juul pod, even when you factor in the cost of e-liquid. When you consider the fact that each pod will have multiple uses and they are larger than Juul pods, the savings adds up to over 70%. For users used to going through a Juul pod per day, that can add up to a savings of over $1000 per year.

So stop wondering can you buy empty Juul pods? Yes, you can get these pods when you visit On their site you will find pods, e-liquids, and batteries, everything you need to enjoy the convenience of pod vaping just like you did with your Juul. You can find more information, including a video of the simple filling process, when you visit the Blankz Pods website.

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