Fear No Season with a Goodman Gas Package Unit

Winter lingers, and the tendrils of frost tarry on the ground far into the time of the year that should be sunny spring. People sleep late and lament the days they need to brave the elements for an early start. The windows and doors remain tightly shut. Planting times are delayed for fear of frost. It’s a far cry from the dead of winter when morning came late and night closed early when people reached for the least of excuses to avoid a foray – but it’s still cold.

But then, at last, comes summer, and it comes with an annunciation that is most obscene, pushing the memory of winter far into the back of the mind or entirely out of the mind altogether. The temperature is on an inviolate ascent and the people groan under the oppression on days with 75% of humidity that refuses to fall below 90 degrees. Between these two extremes, where can there be relief, if not with a Goodman Gas Package Unit.

With a Goodman gas package unit, you can keep yourself comfortable throughout the extremes of the most intrepid seasons. Summer and winter both will quail before the unsurpassed performance of a gas package unit bearing the Goodman name.

Consider a 2 ton 14 SEER gas package heat and air conditioning unit to banish the discomfort of the seasons to the outdoors where it belongs. A package unit like their two-ton model in question offers 31,000 BTUs of heat output and 23,000 BTU of cooling power so you can stay comfortable all year long. This model has a high-efficiency single-stage compressor and a recirculating blower motor, along with a redundant gas valve for safety. In addition, key components are made with aluminum, both to lighten the unit and to buck corrosion.

Another great option is Goodman’s 3 ton 14 SEER package unit, except this model brings a lot more to the table. This one offers 64,000 BTUs of heating power and over 34,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. It comes with many of the features of the former model but in a much more capable package that can handle much larger spaces. It can be easily converted to propane with an LP conversion kit and features a fully insulated cabinet to add some longevity to its term of service. In addition, the unit is finished with UV resistant powder paint to stand strong in the face of the elements.

Both of these units are economized for weight and space and can be transported in the back of most pickup trucks. They are designed to resist corrosion, with louvered coil protection and they also are built with ease of maintenance in mind. If you’re looking for a packaged gas and electric unit that is energy efficient and can take natural gas or liquid propane, you’re in luck. Either of these models and many more of Goodman’s packaged units can pull that off for you.

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