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When it comes to milling, the process of machining parts can take time. This is especially true if you are using harder materials. One of the factors that can draw out the working time on milling projects is tool changes. Stopping your project to switch to a new end mill several times can make milling even simple parts an arduous task. With the quality Drill Mills For Sale at Online Carbide, you can help cut down your tool changes by using these multipurpose end mills.

Drill mills are a unique style of end mill that looks like a unique hybrid of a drill bit and a square end mill. Drill mills feature a shank and flutes similar to a traditional end mill, but terminate in a point like a drill bit. This unique combination of features creates a tool that offers the utility of both a traditional side mill and the axial cutting ability of a drill bit. The flute style of our drill mills features a mill style straight-line cross-section between the cutting edges, unlike traditional drill bits which feature an “S” curve between the cutting edges. This allows our drill mills to work effectively as a milling tool.

Because of their pointed tip, drill mills offer a unique set of abilities. Unlike a traditional mill, your drill mill can be used to side mill notches. They can also be used to spot drill or drill holes in the size of the cutter. In addition, the pointed tip makes these end mills ideal for chamfering. Instead of changing between a spot drill, a drill bit, a side mill, and a chamfering mill, you can complete all of these tasks with one of our versatile drill mills.

We offer several styles of drill mills for sale. Depending on your chip clearance requirements and the materials you plan to work on, we offer our drill mills in 2 fluted and 4 fluted options. Also, depending on your spot drilling and chamfering needs, we offer drill mills with 60-degree and 90-degree tip angles. You can buy our drill mills in sizes ranging from ⅛” to ¾”.

Our drill mills feature two finish options. Our bright polished carbide finish helps give our mills superior chip evacuation perfect for milling softer materials. We also offer drill mills for sale with a titanium aluminum nitride coating. This chemical coating helps protect your drill mills from high heat. When exposed to high temperatures, end mills with a TiAlN coating forms a layer of aluminum oxide. This hard layer has a low conductivity and a high chemical stability, allowing it to cling to your end mill and deflect heat into the chips. This allows you to run at higher speeds while still enjoying a longer tool life.

At Online Carbide, all of our cutting tools are machined from solid carbide stock. This sturdy metal ceramic cermet material offers incredible rigidity and edge retention. To ensure our tools feature precise tolerances, we machine every piece using the latest robot loaded 5-axis CNC grinding equipment. Unlike many big names in the cutting tool industry, we do not distribute through middlemen to big box stores. Instead, we offer our customers quality milling tools at manufacturer-direct prices.

If you want to experience the benefits of machining with our Drill Mills, visit us today. Our website features several drill mill options along with a huge range of other cutting tools from thread mills to variably fluted end mills. If you want high-quality end mills at amazing prices, Online Carbide is here to help.

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