What a Magento SEO Company Can Offer

You can really use Magento to build an excellent, efficient, widely capable eCommerce store with a lot of custom functionality. Because it is an open-source platform, the support community is very broad, and improvements are constantly being made to the platform to offer its customers a better experience and more functionality. It’s so widely capable that it boasts some huge names among its portfolio of clients, among them Coca-Cola and Zumiez.

That being said, you won’t be the only one in the eCommerce sphere that’s using Magento in order to get ahead. Whether it’s for the app integration that Magento can offer or for some of the SEO friendly features offered by the platform, other customers will be building their platforms around Magento to get the same competitive advantage you are after. In order to realize a lot of these benefits and differentiate yourself in such a competitive market, it pays to work with a Magento SEO company.

The reason for this comes from the fact that Magento’s immense functionality carries with it the reality that it is a very complex platform. It takes a lot of technical knowledge and familiarity with the platform in order to ensure that the layout of your eCommerce site is visitor friendly and optimized for search engine friendliness. If it isn’t, your ranking and your user experience will both suffer, and that’s bad news.

Work with a Magento SEO company, however, and you can put their years of technical experience working with Magento to work for your organization. That can not only help you improve your user experience and build organic traffic to your site, but it can put valuable time back in your hands. Here are some of the things a Magento SEO company can offer you.

First, they can build a keyword strategy that will influence everything that comes after it. In many ways, a carefully constructed keyword strategy serves as the backbone of an SEO campaign. The use of the best keywords to appeal to both users and search engines alike will color your content creation and the design of your website. Without knowing the keywords that your customers are using and for which search engines will be looking out, nothing else can fall in line.

The use of the right keywords can and will affect your site in other ways besides the content that you specifically create to appeal to customers. Keywords can be included in the URL structure, in meta descriptions, and on product pages, both to attract human visitors and to convince search engines that your site is an authority.

A Magento SEO company can also help to clean up your website by eliminating duplicate content that will confuse search engines and can result in penalties. In addition, the right company can help optimize the internal linking structure of your website, which will have multiple positive effects on your search engine optimization efforts.

An optimized internal linking structure will have the primary effect of making it easier for search engines to crawl your site while searching for keywords and key phrases (see the importance above!), and it can also have the effect of making it easier for visitors to navigate your Magento website.

In addition to these benefits of working with a Magento SEO company, a Magento expert can optimize your site to make it faster, help you build external links and much more, both to build your rankings and enable your site to offer a better user experience. Therefore, what you need is a Magento expert, and you can find a Magento expert in Genius eCommerce. With years of experience optimizing Magento websites (and others built on other leading platforms) Genius eCommerce can help you grow traffic and conversions alike with the right Magento SEO tactics. If those are some results you’d like to see from your eCommerce business, get in touch with the eCommerce geniuses at Genius eCommerce at info@geniusecommerce.com or at 267-225-1946.

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